Coconut Water Health Benefits

Coconut Water Health Benefits

Coconut Water Health Benefits

Coconut water only comes from young green coconuts. As a coconut matures the natural water inside evaporates into air and meat production. Coconut water is not to be confused with coconut juice, cream or  milk.

Some people call Coconut water “coconut juice”. One should read the label carefully, coconut juice can contain any part of the coconut at any growing stage. Other parts of the coconut have different properties, higher fats, more sugars etc…

Coconut milk comes from the pressing the white meat out of mature coconuts. This white milk is then boiled and the cream that  floats to the top is collected and called coconut cream.

The health benefits of coconuts have been reported for years, it has not been till recently the man has figured out how to package fresh coconut water quickly in a fresh state.  People in tropical climates have been able to enjoy fresh coconut water since the beginning time. Now everyone can give it a try.  Coconut water has natural preservative qualities so absolutely nothing else has to be added, just what nature gave us. The shelf life of coconut water is an amazing 12 months.Coconut Water Health Benefits

Here is a list of  Internal Health Benefits of Coconut Water

*Contains 5 electrolytes – Potassium (more Potassium than a banana), Magnesium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus

* Natural rehydration

*Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, low in acidity

*Low Sugar

*Coconut water is naturally sterile and has the same properties of human blood plasma. Coconut water has actually been used intravenously in emergency cases.

* Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.

* Helps eliminate swelling in hands and feet

*Naturally cools  the body to the proper temperature

* Boosts Poor Circulation

* Helps Maintain hot flashes in menopausal women

* Raises Metabolism

* Detoxifies and helps  fight off viruses

* Control Diabetes

* Balance body PH thus reducing chances of cancer

* Treats kidney and urethral stones

* Cleans digestive tract

* Boosts your immune system

* Promotes Weight Loss

* Hangover relief

Coconut Water Health BenefitsHere are additional reported external Coconut Water Health Benefits

*Add to bath water to soothe sunburns

*Can be directly applied to combination or oily skin to hydrate and moisturize and detoxify.

*Apply to hair, massage,  leave in for an hour. This is reported to reduce breakage, and aid in hair loss.

With all the reported health benefits of Coconut water it is no wonder the Palm trees nickname is “The Tree of Life”.

There is reportedly different tastes reported with different brands of Coconut water. This phenomenon can be explained by soil conditions and locations. There are many brands of coconut water available. It is my suggestion to read labels carefully to make sure nothing is added to adulterate the natural properties of coconut water.

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